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Collaborating for a Meaningful Impact

At, we believe in the power of collaboration and building meaningful partnerships to enhance the memorialization experience for our users. We actively seek partnerships with industries and organizations that share our vision of preserving legacies and leaving a lasting impact on future generations. By joining forces, we can collectively create a more comprehensive and transformative platform that empowers individuals to shape their presence and narrative beyond their years.


1. Mortuaries and Funeral Homes

Mission: Our mission is to revolutionize the memorialization industry by providing mortuaries and funeral homes with a new way to tap into the subscription model for memorialization. Together, we can create a seamless and personalized memorial experience for families, ensuring that their loved ones' legacies are cherished and celebrated with dignity, and you can see compounding reoccurring revenue.


2. Estate Planners

Mission: We aim to collaborate with estate planners to help individuals seamlessly integrate their memorial preferences into their estate plan directives. Imagine if you or your client wants to have certain things happen in the future to help with a number of directives, or need to speak to one or more people with their Avatar delivering written emails or documents that can be unlocked with timely accuracy. With security top of mind for we expect important digital assets and documents to be stored for future delivery.


3. Technology Partners

Mission: We are actively seeking partnerships with technology companies that can contribute to the continuous enhancement of our platform. From AI advancements to data security measures, we believe that working with technology experts will help us create a more robust and user-friendly experience for our community. See the technology stack requirements below as a general guide.



4. Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations will find valuable opportunities for partnership with to further their charitable causes and amplify their impact. By collaborating with our platform, non-profits can create meaningful memorial pages to honor their donors, volunteers, or beneficiaries, fostering a deeper sense of connection and gratitude within their community. Additionally, offers the potential for non-profits to receive donations and support directly through the platform, providing a seamless and secure way for individuals to contribute to their causes. Through this partnership, non-profits can not only commemorate the lives of those they have served but also leverage the power of technology and AI to reach a wider audience and engage with their supporters on a more personal and enduring level. Together, we can forge lasting connections that inspire and drive positive change in the world.


Grief Support Professionals:

Grief support professionals will find meaningful collaboration with, as our platform offers a unique avenue to assist individuals and families coping with loss. By partnering with us, grief support professionals can access a digital space where they can provide guidance, resources, and personalized support to those navigating the grieving process.'s interactive memorials and AI avatars serve as powerful tools to help individuals find solace, share memories, and connect with their departed loved ones in a profound way. Through this partnership, grief support professionals can extend their reach and offer their expertise to a broader audience, ensuring that more people receive the care and understanding they need during their journey of healing and remembrance. Together, we can build a supportive community that fosters resilience and hope in the face of loss.

Extended Reach: By collaborating with, partners can tap into a growing community of individuals who value the importance of leaving a lasting legacy.


Innovative Solutions:

Our platform offers unique and interactive memorialization services that complement the expertise of our partners, providing enhanced value to their clients.


Social Impact:

Partnering with allows organizations to be part of a movement that transforms how we remember and celebrate the lives of those we've lost, making a meaningful impact on families and communities.


Contact Us:

If you represent a mortuary, estate planning firm, technology company, or non-profit organization interested in collaborating with, we invite you to reach out to our team at

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