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Hi there! I'm John, the founder and CEO of Over 25 years ago I wanted “the internet” to profoundly improve how we preserve, honor, and remember our stories and those of our loved ones, but it wasn’t the right time. With the power of AI now everyone has access to the tools to create an impactful lasting legacies, and memorial for generations to come.  


That sparked my vision for - a platform that allows us to create deeply meaningful, interactive memorials through the visual media we are all accumulating that supports those storied lives. No matter if you’re a “Boomer” “Millennial” or “Gen X” generation, these tools will help you compile all those personal digital media and writings, audio, video, and voices into a compelling documentary. And for those who may want an AI Avatar to greet and chat with family, friends, and followers, we can offer that too.  

What would it mean to you if your Avatar could send out messages into the future, wishing a great-grandchild, friend or sibling a happy birthday, and a little dose of your wisdom on that particular day, do you see the power in this?

Ultimately, I want to capture the essence of every life lived - empowering you to shape an inspiring, enduring legacy. Your stories and memories deserve to be treasured. I'm here to transform memorialization into a process as unique as you are.  contact me

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